First Appearance Edit

By the time my forces had arrived, it was clear that the battle had turned in favor of the trolls. The Immortal Konn's reputation seemed well earned. It seemed that no amount of force could put a dent in his horned hide. He pressed into Brat's invading horde, unflinching at any attacks that they made against him.

It had been ages since I had fought a troll. Even in the height of the Troll Wars I had never seen a being with such inevitable power. I am glad I had brought with me a veteran herd of gruffs Skitters, Grinder and Licky had all been battle hardened from earlier conflicts in The Betwixt. Their ferocity proved too much for Konn. After an excruciating conflict, we emerged bloodied, but victorious!
But even in victory I am filled with a sense of dread. A thick green fog has descended upon the field. Illness has become rampant among our forces, but none seems to be as affected as my prize gruff Grinder. Whatever lies ahead, we will need to be at full strength. We need fresh eyes to see through this mist of confusion. I need to find my apprentice... I need to find Conrey.

— War Journal of Gristle, Battle Shepherd of the Grendel Clan