Gruff is a tactical combat deck construction expandable card game, published by Studio Woe, where you crush opponents by using a specially crafted deck of mutated monster goats. Players choose from a wide variety of Mean, Weird, and Fat Gruff to create the perfect team. Mutate your goats, thwart barrages, ​and unleash crazy attacks to break through the enemy's defenses. Defeat the opposing Shepherds and be victorious!

The Beasts of Gruff

  • AugerGo to Auger
  • BlastovGo to Blastov
  • BluenoseGo to Bluenose
  • BriggsGo to Briggs
  • BubblesGo to Bubbles
  • ButtonsGo to Buttons
  • BukkitGo to Bukkit
  • CusterGo to Custer
  • DribbleGo to Dribble
  • DuchessGo to Duchess
  • DwindleGo to Dwindle
  • FluttermindGo to Fluttermind
  • GaptoothGo to Gaptooth
  • GobsGo to Gobs
  • GrimgrinGo to Grimgrin
  • GrinderGo to Grinder
  • GripjawGo to Gripjaw
  • GroverGo to Grover
  • GustoGo to Gusto
  • LickyGo to Licky
  • MaestroGo to Maestro
  • MaladyGo to Malady
  • Mr. BlightGo to Mr. Blight
  • MulchGo to Mulch
  • Noggin 963Go to Noggin 963
  • Ol'DarbyGo to Ol'Darby
  • PiddleGo to Piddle
  • PokeyGo to Pokey
  • PustuleGo to Pustule
  • RollinGo to Rollin
  • ShydraGo to Shydra
  • SkittersGo to Skitters
  • SkreacherGo to Skreacher
  • SkulldozerGo to Skulldozer
  • SkullheimGo to Skullheim
  • SkwatGo to Skwat
  • SquabbleGo to Squabble
  • StitchyGo to Stitchy
  • ThumpGo to Thump
  • ToofGo to Toof
  • TwiddleGo to Twiddle
  • ZigzagGo to Zigzag
  • ZumbergGo to Zumberg

  • ArcGo to Arc
  • ArmiranGo to Armiran
  • Baba HagaGo to Baba Haga
  • BratGo to Brat
  • BreinholtGo to Breinholt
  • BrineGo to Brine
  • CapriGo to Capri
  • Captain StovellGo to Captain Stovell
  • ChuGo to Chu
  • ColefieldGo to Colefield
  • ConreyGo to Conrey
  • DocGo to Doc
  • Dr. AcridGo to Dr. Acrid
  • EmGo to Emerald
  • Grandmother WeaverGo to Grandmother Weaver
  • GrimwoodGo to Grimwood
  • GristleGo to Gristle
  • Gruss Vom KrampusGo to Gruss Vom Krampus
  • Hank HogboxGo to Hank Hogbox
  • JiggerGo to Jigger
  • Kris KringleGo to Kris Kringle
  • LutzGo to Lutz
  • MitchellGo to Mitchell
  • NorthGo to North
  • TuckerGo to Tucker
  • VimGo to Vim
  • WildthingGo to Wildthing

  • BlabbersacGo to Blabbersac
  • GildfiskGo to Gildfisk
  • GrumblesnoreGo to Grumblesnore
  • Konn, The ImmortalGo to Konn
  • Schnark, The HeartlessGo to Schnark
  • SpittleflickGo to Spittleflick
  • StartlefartGo to Startlefart

The Story So Far...


Blabbersac had begun a campaign against The Dreamlands. His foul agents and allies moved towards Respite with the intent of stealing The Stuffkin Catalog of Dreams, for what nefarious purpose no one knew. (Read more...)

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