Aftermath of Rage of the Trolls Edit

After a brutal battle, the forces of the Funkfiends were victorious. Grinder's terrifying combat prowess left him exposed to the pathogens of the Green Span and now a terrible transformation has begun to take place within the gruff.

#InflictTheFunk vs #CureForGrinder Controversy Edit

During Gruff: Rage of the Trolls Kickstarter campaign, a Funkfiend version of Grinder was originally offered as a stretch goal.

However, that generated a public outcry among Grinder-lovers which resulted in the campaign being split by two hashtags: #InflictTheFunk and #CureForGrinder. #InflictTheFunk indicated the diseased version of Grinder was preferred while #CureForGrinder stated a non-diseased version of Grinder should be released.

The use of the hashtags in social media were counted and the one that was most used decided which version of Grinder was ultimately released.