This is a deck I've played several times and it works pretty well! Before I go into detail, here is the deck list:

Shepherd: Arc



-Impale (ultimate)



-Spin Attack

-Taunt x2

-Thorny Thicket

Pustule, the Rabid


-Boils x2


-Fever x2


-Pustule's Ire



-Bonefire (ultimate)


-Throw the Bones x2



-Zumberg's Hate

Step 1: Burn Off that Fat!

All three of the Gruffs in this build bring cards that eliminate the fatty defenses of your opposition. Grinder brings Thorny Thicket and Briarpatch, making attacking and moving a fat burning workout for your opponent. Zumberg brings Woe and Zumberg's Hate, which quickly reduce Gruffs' fat and then punish any future fatty build ups respectively. Pustule, the Rabid brings 5 cards dedicated to eliminating fat: Nausea, 2 copies of Fever, and 2 copies of Boils. Fever and Boils both cause fat loss, while Nausea prevents fat gain.

Step 2: Poke to Kill

Once the fat of the opposing Gruffs has been sufficiently burned away, it's time to kick ‘em while they’re down! Grinder is excellent at this point, with Spike dealing 1 damage for 1 crazy, taking out a 1 fat gruff with ease. He also brings Spin Attack, which can take out any Gruff with 1 fat or less! Arc, the shepherd of this herd, has her own fat burning and damage ping ability. Once she crosses her threshold, all enemy Gruffs will lose 1 fat, and then take 1 damage. This can give you the final fat burning push you may need for a 3 Gruff knockout! Finally, for those stubborn Gruffs with lots of fat even after going through your rigorous workout, Grinder brings his ultimate ability Impale, dealing 3 damage to the Gruff opposite of Grinder.

I hope you all enjoy this deck, and if you have any suggestions or feedback please let me know!