Conrey is Gristle's apprentice and nephew, the heir to the Grendel clan.

First Appearance Edit

I heard the voice of my old mentor calling to me through the fog of war. I cursed him for a hypocrite under my breath. How many times had he told me to never throw good blood after bad? I knew that death awaited my entire herd the moment the first troll emerged from the rubble. But the sound of Gristle's voice broke through the mist, like a shining beacon of hope!

She appeared as soon as I joined the ranks of the reinforcements. Spittleflick, a being of overwhelming and hideous power. Every moment we spent in conflict with her inflicted us with more and more of her plagues. Gristle had taught me caution, North had taught me restraint, but I knew that none of their advice had prepared me for what I had to do...

— Conrey's recollection of the fall of the Green Span